Keep Families In Hoboken

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If I hear another “progressive”, “reformer”, “anti-establishment” politician tell me how they are looking out for families and are going to put the kibosh on the evil developers, I may not be able to use those parts of The Reporter to line my bird cage for fear of the poor thing morphing into the devil himself. So rather than complain about the charlatans, I will be offering up some common sense options this week that will be completely ignored

Today’s suggestion for keeping families on Hoboken:

Give developers the ability to build bigger units, provided that they have at least three bedrooms. See in today’s Hoboken world, lot coverage can only be 60% of the lot. Most lots are 25 X 100 feet.So you get a foot print of 25×60 or 1500sqft. Take out the stairs and common areas and your left with 1300 to 1350sqft at best.

Picture if you will…A condo on 75% lot coverage, travelling at the speed of light, with 1700sqft of space. 3 beds, 3 baths. big enough for a family and it comes with a yard still big enough for a swing set.

Hoboken Condos 2008
2 Brs available 302
3 Brs available 45
Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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