It’s The Economy.

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It’s not the economy. not.not.not. It’s the people. I am coming to you from McCarran airport in Las Vegas where I have spent and intense five days of real estate training. But the greatest lesson I learned was not in the class or at the poker table. It was from a vendor at the casino.

A little background to the story…My broker insists on wearing his “convention” jacket while out on the town. Now this little number, presumably purchased when Real Estate agents made investment banker kind of money, (come to think of it, we still do…just in a different way) has it’s own battery pack to power the fireworks show on the back…giving rise to the phrase what’s worn in Vegas should stay in Vegas.

Back to the story. So Mr. Battery Powered Coat is just taking all kinds of well placed abuse from friends and strangers alike. A constant source of amusement and light for the whole evening….The next day, I walk by this vendor who is selling matching hats! A coincidence. So I decide maybe I should get Mr. BPC a hat in case this summer’s blackout lasts more than a weekend. Here’s the exchange between the vendor and me.

me: “Nice Hats.”
vendor: Glances up from his reading and grunts.
me: “Do you have a Yankees hat.” (A self respecting Red Sox Fan knows they don’t come with a B)
vendor: No. (goes back to reading.)
me: (eyeing another not so loathesome NY team.)”How much are they?”
vendor: (under his breath) thirty five dollars
me: twenty five dollars?
vendor: Thirty five dollars.

I walk away.

Lesson: I actually might have bought this abomination to man, IF…IF the vendor would have been able to engage me. Show me how it works, let me try it, let me ask questions, make me understand why it was double the price of a regular hat…etc.

Now I am no expert, but I am sure the Casino this hat shop was in, measures each store’s profits. When hats don’t get sold, the hat store closes. the hat vendor can then read his book at home without getting paid and complain about the fact that the economy is bad and that’s why he is out of work.

The take away. In today’s times. Buyers and Sellers should expect and demand subject matter experts. If you are not working with one, get one. The non subject matter expert will be sitting next to the hat vendor soon enough.

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