It’s All Your Fault

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I’ve had several realtors tell me that tell are getting dirty looks from the neighbors of their listings. People hurling insults at them and say. “You’re pricing it too low. You are hurting my property value.” I have suggested several witty retorts that don’t begin with F and end with U.

1) You’re right. Would you like to buy it at a higher price?
2) You’re right. The seller will be happy to list it higher if you will buy them a home to live in when they have to move and its not sold.
3)You’re right. The seller has always hated you and is selling below market just to stick it to you. I think a band of Gypsies is putting in an offer right now. HaHAHA.

Nosy neighbors don’t have to see the truth. They don’t have to sell. In fact those neighbors don’t get that in this market the competition isn’t just the guy next door but the 100 other condos just like it within three blocks.

May be we should just stick with the retort French Menu.

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