Is your agent costing you money?

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SELLERS BEWARE! Agents will come into your home and pitch you on why they are the best person to market your home. Big agencies, little agenices. Agents will talk about the services you get from the office.
One of the most overlooked part is the back end is the process by which agents in Hoboken show your property. For the most part there is no lockbox at your door. Thus the agent has to call your office. When they do this the agent is usually.
1. put on hold
2. transfered two or three times.
3. told the admin is on a smoke break and they will have to call back.
Having made it through the labrynth, the agent then picks up keys the day of the appointment. If an agent comes into my office, the admin has a set of keys in a marked envelope waitng for the agent. In and out time 30 seconds.
If you are thinking of selling you home, narrow your choice down to two or three agencies. Go there on a Saturday around noon or 1pm. Create some pretense to hang out for 10 minutes and watch what agents have to deal with to get keys. You’ll see the following
1. The biggest agency is totally disorganized. There’s a big box of keys, lots of keys scattered on the desk, the admin will sift through the keys sometimes finding them and sometimes not. If not, your appointment is canceled.
2. Another big mom and pop (now with multiple offices in Hoboken), usually has one set of keys for each listing. Too bad if two agents want to go within an hour or so of each other. The agency never tells the showing agent of the conflict until he gets there to pick up keys. Result. your place doesn’t get shown.
3. They aren’t open on Sunday. The biggest showing day of the week. I can’t pick up keys Saturday night. Your place doesn’t get shown.
Sellers: There is lots of inventory. If it is hard for the agent. Buyers will see other properties, thus reducing offers and therefore the selling price of your property.

Can you afford not to spend an hour checking out the back office function?

Hoboken Condos two and three bedrooms 2007
Sold with parking 295
Sold without Parking 235
information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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