Independents Day

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Ross Perot came close, for awhile. Fact is that its hard for independents to compete. In politics, in life, in real estate. The establishment has The Machine. In politics its the Parties with their money. In life its the crowd, its the teachers who teach the same program to everyone, its every system designed for the masses. And in real estate mom and pops don’t stand a chance. Not to say there aren’t a few niche players who find a way to carve out a livelihood.

The big time franchises have national referral networks, training systems, back office systems, marketing vendors bending over backwards with custom products and the all important name recognition. The masses have been conditioned for mass consumption. It’s safe.. it’s the chain. Say you’re driving down some highway in Utah, Virginia, Vermont, or Oregon. You’re hungry. There’s a Houlihans and a Big Al’s diner with the sign “worlds best meatloaf”. You’re thinking “wow I haven’t had meatloaf in forever. I could really go for some meatloaf” ….So you pull in and order the meatloaf at…Houlihans.

Sellers: You already know this. That’s why you pick up the phone and call the big time players when you want to sell. Agents know it too. Agents pay additional fees (sometimes as much as 10% of their take home) to be a part of a franchise.


Hoboken Condos 2008
The 2nd Quarter numbers
Sold 218
Avg List price of sold $542k
Avg sale price of sold $531K
Median Days On Market 41

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