In A Hoboken Minute

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Sweet Dreams

New Construction. Prime Location. Walk to Path . River Views. This is almost as exciting as the W coming to town. Just don’t hold your breath. For most Hoboken residents it’s a pipe dream and they don’t even know it.

Just do the math. It will take six months to start the clock. (probably a year after all of the political infighting has settled. It seems like you can’t build a six foot sandwich in this town without some politico wanting a hand….errr complaining.) Then Hoboken will keep its lease until the very last minute two years from the clock starting. Here’s the best one, the out of town developer is planning to build 240 units in 18 months. In Hoboken!! I almost blew milk out of my nose on that one.

So the reality is.. New Years 2014 or in a Hoboken minute, you’ll be getting ready to move in to that much hyped Hoboken condo where the muni garage once stood.

2014….this is your new ride, with 2 kids in the back and a house in Montclair. Game over. Dream over.

Hoboken Condos 2007
New Construction
Available 48
under contract/sold 80
information deemed reliable

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