I’m Fixing A Hole

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The New Annual Cost vs Value Report Is Out.

This is where you can figure out if you upgrade the kitchen, what it will do for the value of your Hoboken condo. Everyone seems so concerned about the payback, especially sellers.

Reasons not to wait until you sell to make the necessary repair/upgrade.
1. You’re going to do it anyway, enjoy it for yourselves first.
2. You might find that by updating your place, you may not want to move.
3.Most of the cost/ values are less than 100%, Meaning you get back less than you put into it. If you use it, amortize the difference over a few years of enjoyment.
4. The big box stores will give you zero percent financing for 12 months. Money is not an excuse.
5. Selling is stressful enough. Don’t compound it by tacking on a hurried renovation.

While upgrades are a great value enhancer, be careful you don’t “over build”.

HOBOKEN condos 2007

The November Numbers

New Actives: 96
Sold & Under Contract 64
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