If A Tree Falls In The Woods

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If your Hoboken Condo is not listed with the Hudson County MLS, does anyone know it exists? Here are the simple facts. Of the 379 active condos listings currently in Hoboken, 42 of them are also on New Jersey MLS. Of the 44 Hoboken Condo listings on the NJ MLS, 42 of them are in the Hudson County MLS. With my math being a little rusty, it takes me a few nanoseconds to realize that two poor listings have gone into the astray.

Listing a property on the NJ MLS is really a courtesy for out of town, out of county realtors and should not be the sole choice for realtors seeking to gain maximum exposure.

Sellers: You should require your agent to provide you with a Hudson County MLS print out the day after signing the papers or suffer the abyss.

Hoboken Condos
Listed in Hudson County MLS 379
Listed in New Jersey MLS 44
information deemed reliable

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