How About A Real Medical Center?

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Having just spent two hours and fifteen minutes to get an xray at the old St. Mary’s, now Hoboken University Medical Center, I am drooling at the prospect of selling condos there in the not too distant future. No way this place survives. It’s easier for me to drive to Teaneck to get an X-ray. If I have a real emergency, I’m going to Hackensack (It’s like a hotel with doctors).

It’s nice that Hoboken can boast that it has a hospital but Christ Hospital is about two minutes up the hill and downtown Jersey City has a big facility 5 minutes away. Wouldn’t it be better to have several services people actually need like an in and out xray lab, a dermatologists office, other specialties that don’t require the overhead and time inefficiencies of a hospital?

It’s a political football. So when the tide turns, condos will be built with parking in the garage across the street. Until then, I’ll be in Teaneck getting by arm looked at.

Hoboken Condos 2008
One Bedrooms
Active 170
Under Contract 75
Sold in 2008 70
Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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