House Of Mouse

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So I’m out showing property this weekend and I take a client to a unit that is new to the market. It looks like the occupants are just about moved out, but not totally. And there it is in the bedroom: 4 mouse traps the size of a carton of cigarettes. Not a pack, a carton. How many mice could there be? How big could those mice be? Questions that leave the would be buyers heading for the exits.

Sellers: If you have mice, get a cat. Mice are smart, they will move on.
Mice aren’t like roaches. If you’re from the city, you’re used to roaches. Everyone has them, whether you see them or not. Roaches are accepted as a nuisance. If a nuclear bomb can’t kill them, well it’s just meant to be. Mice on the other hand… what a simple fix.

Hoboken One Families
Actives 10
Price range $700k-$2.2M
Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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