Hoboken Schools: The Truth? Not From Me

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Hoboken Schools: The Truth? Not From Me

It is illegal for real estate agents to talk about schools. We know but are confined to say “well there are statistics that you can look up online”.

Theory number one: Agents can’t “steer” people to certain neighborhoods by saying something like “this house is in the Gordon Gekko school district. GGHS is filled with rich kids all back stabbing each other to punch their ivy league tickets.”

Theory number two: Forget theory number two, I don’t want to wake up and find a horse head in my bed… Here’s is an anecdotal story.

Arriving in the mail on Friday February 26th, which just so happened to be the last school day in February, a letter from the school district (of which there is one in Hoboken, lest anyone think I am steering them to another district) stating that starting March 1st, which is Monday, they will be implementing a new way to pay for school lunches. Cash or a prepaid system with a pin number. No other real explanation as to how this is implemented other than gone is the old eat and bill you later system that was used all school year. So today, I sent my five year old off with cash.

Bullies Take Note: A lot of cash…. since I really don’t know what lunch costs and my wife was concerned that the boy might go hungry.

I really don’t know how this PIN number works but I don’t think the bank is likely to give a five year kid a PIN number… but its’ good enough for those running the school district.

Come to think of it, shouldn’t the school board be made up of parents and not politicians. Ahh such is Hoboken…two cops on every corner making you move your car and a supervisor back at the lodge collecting $100k for a 35 hour work week.

Still wondering why the taxes are so high? Don’t forget….One month left for the tax appeal. http://www.hobokentaxappeal.com/

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