Hoboken Real Estate | Top 3 Facts About The Spring Market

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Hoboken Real Estate Top 3 Facts About The Spring Market
For those looking for Hoboken Condos or looking to unload their Hoboken Real Estate here are the top 3 facts from my April 2011 Hoboken Real Estate Report.
1. The upper middle of the market is coming back. While the million dollar plus Eli Manning Hoboken condos are always in demand for their outlandish size and commanding views, the $600k-$800k segment of the Hoboken Real Estate market has suffered recently. It’s back. Only 12 condos over $500k sold in February and 12 over $600k sold in April.

2. The 4% discount. Average sale price to list price of Hoboken condos is holding at 96.1%. This percent is from the final price after price reductions so results may vary but it is a good starting point in your discussions.

3. No Tax Credit Spike: The total number of Hoboken condos under contract remained steady at 78 for the second month in a row. Likely the June and July contracts will not fall as sharply as last year.

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