Hit Hard

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Business week is running an article…”Towns That Could Be Hit Hardest by the Financial Crisis”.

Hoboken is number three on the list. Well I’m panicking. Wait. Let’s check out some of the other towns on the list: Darien….. Westport…. Summit. Okay so some Hobokenites are going to be feeling the pain. Maybe they lose their jobs and have to rent. That means a few more properties on the market. Sellers, its a good time to beat the rush. Buyers: It’s a good time to buy, if you wait you may miss out on a real gem.

Hoboken, Summit et al. will go on. I can already hear my friends in Elizabeth packing up the moving truck thinking they are going to be priced in. Problem is, everyone wants to upgrade to a “deluxe apartment in the sky” and the line make Disneyland look the EZ Pass lane.

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