Going Greyhound.

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I don’t know what all those MTA guys are fussing about. The bus is a really attractive option for folks in Hoboken.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider A Hoboken Condo Near The Bus Line

5) There are multiple routes.
4) Avoid nasty PATH delays.
3) You will likely walk a shorter distance to the Bus.
2) The seats are more comfortable.
1) In most areas of Hoboken, you won’t have to pay a premium like a condo close to the PATH.

Back to the MTA guys. I am not making this up…The board of directors held a secret meeting to decide to give back lifetime perks of using the MTA for free. Keep in mind that these guys are super wealthy and get paid thousands of dollars per hour actually worked to be on this board. Another political joke on the public. See it’s not only Hudson County….Coming soon to a commute near you…Fare Hike.

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Advertising Close to Bus
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under contract 30
Sold 91
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