Go West Young Man

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Looking for a multifamily with a strong rent roll minutes to the Hoboken PATH? It’s a stones throw from Hoboken.. err. a Stones throw to Hoboken is more like it. Just up the hill in Jersey City Heights. or The Heights. or JC Heights. or…Hoboken West!

I just showed a Three Family 50 feet from the giant elevator that takes you from The Heights down to the 9th St Light rail stop and the new Starbucks that is rumored to be going into the Metrostop. If you owner occupy the 3br on the first floor you can live there practically rent free (after your tax breaks). There are others too. Lots In fact.

100 feet is the difference between a 2Br Condo and a 3BR, 3 Family House with a yard.

Hoboken West (Jersey City Heights)

2 to 4 Families Available 230

Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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