Gimmick Marketing

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Now that the Wall Street collapse has turned your 401k into a 201k, and the housing market is sure to slow in the short term, watch and you’ll see gimmick marketing making a comeback. Let me state for the record, I am old school. I go to a baseball game and expect fans to be cheering and chanting, not making noise with those stupid plastic sticks that get banged together for added noise, and definitely not cowbells. What are those people in Tampa thinking? When you think Tampa, you think cow.

Here are some examples that Gimmick marketing is upon us.
1) Offers of free gas coupons for attending an open house.
2) Big and I mean really big “Motivated Seller” property signs.
3) Flood lights in front of the property.
4) Expiring offers. e.g. Get $10,000 towards closing through December.
5) Anything but a price reduction.

What sellers need are ways to combat buyer fears over the possibility of a falling market, difficulty in obtaining a mortgage, and properly positioning the property.

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