Four Years Of Engineering Wasted

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The endless problem sets. Surrounded by geeks who actually liked them. Studying while the english majors partied. AND I CAN”T EVEN FIGURE OUT HOW TO USE THE NEW PARKING METERS!

I stood in the rain for 15 minutes swiping my credit card while the little flash was going off, the red violation light was blinking. Haha. the ticket is coming and I hadn’t even left the meter yet. I wonder what my credit card bill is going to be like?

The nice man with the heavy canadian accent from the meter company gave me instructions that I guess are intuitive to canadians. I still don’t get it. Just wait until they turn on the extra bells and whistles thereby turning this into a no parking zone for locals. Sound good, Eh?

Hoboken Condos 2008
Under contract in April 55
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