For The Love Of Froto

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The Eye Of Sauron has come to Hoboken. (reference to Lord Of The Rings. If you are one of the 5 people in the US who escaped this mega marketing movie trilogy or were in Sweden for the past decade, The Eye Of Sauron is this evil giant eye of fire that searches for the ring of limitless power that will give the Evil Lord control over everything forever.) To my surprise, I thought that Froto had defeated the Evil Lord and his Eye Of Fire. That was until I saw it appear on Washington St, right outside the CVS.

Seems the Hoboken Parking Utility has brought The Eye to town as an “upgrade” on the old parking meters. Like the pushers on a Trenton street corner..”just try it out.”, “You’ll see how much better it is this way.”

The new meters (giant metal boxes which significantly enhance the aesthetic beauty of Hoboken much like the seven no parking signs in 30 feet outside of my office) let you pay by credit card and give you a grace period if you go over.

Sounds too good to be true. The HPU offering you a way to receive fewer parking tickets. Does anyone else smell a rat? Let me look into my crystal ball. My predictions:

1) The eye will malfunction, punching out illegal summonses with more abandon that the current ticket jocks looking to make quota and hoping that people are too busy to fight a system that reeks with the smell of corruption.

2) After two hours, you won’t be able to refill your meter like you can with the good old sometimes malfunctioning coin only meters. Move your car or the eye will snap a picture.

3) The additional revenues generated will enable the HPU buy more boot vans. No one will be safe.

The only thing we can hope for is that the Eye OF Fire pulls a “Uniblab” (Jetsons reference) goes haywire, tickets The Mayor’s car and gets replaced by the kind where you put the quarter in and turn the dial.

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