Fetching a pail of water

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The Jack and Jill. You know the Brady Bunch bathroom between the boys and girls rooms. Let’s see six kids sharing one bath. That makes sense. Even when Greg moves upstairs, still no separate bath. Who buys this house? with no room for expansion. An architect?

I can’t believe Toll Brothers still builds them. Then again, if you have 4000sqft, its likely you have another bath somewhere and you’re not shoehorning three kids into each room.

The Old Lady Should have put in a second bath. Save those trips up to the well. If you live in a 3/1 in Hoboken, put in the second bath. damn it.

Hoboken Condos 3 Bed/ 1 Bath available: 2
Hoboken Condos 3 Bed/ 1 Bathsold 2007: 9

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