Family Flight

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There’s supposition around town that the reason families with school aged children flee to the suburbs is for school systems that better suit their needs. Having discussed this topic with several of my clients that are getting ready to jump ship one thing is pretty clear. It’s not the schools, it’s the housing.

If you have even two kids that are getting bigger, you’ll want a three bedroom. Let’s look at the facts, right now there are only 7 three bedrooms under $750k that don’t require a third floor walkup. Average families are priced out of Hoboken.

As for third floor walkups. I grew up in a house like this one. We lived on the third floor. People do it. But I guess when the option is a house in Montclair, people think twice. I have some friends that just moved into a house there and guess what floor the bedrooms are on…the third!

Hoboken Condos 2008
3 Bedrooms
under $750k
1st fl, 2nd fl, or elevator
Available: 7
Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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