Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.

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After the price negotiations are complete, after the home inspection negotiations are complete, sometimes the buyer will seek to purchase some of the sellers personal property. Maybe a window air conditioner, maybe a couch or kitchen table. Many times the sellers will be happy to unload some of their belongings. The seller doesn’t have to move it and they get to buy something new to fit their new space.

My advice to both buyer and seller: this is not a yard sale do not treat it as such. If you are close in price, just pay a little more or take a little less. The person who makes the first offer usually has the upper hand. For instance if the buyer offers $400 for the couch, but the seller really wants $450, I implore the seller to just let it go or don’t sell it at all. Whats $50 in a half a million dollar transaction. It’s going to cost more than $50 to move it! By haggling, both parties take the sheen off an otherwise amicable relationship. The buyer may need to ask the seller questions upon occupancy. The seller may need a favor from the buyer.

Don’t let a drop in the bucket cause a break in the dam.

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