Don’t Buy My Condo

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From the I can’t make this up department:

Now readers of my blog know there are about a million condos that anyone looking can see. Or it seems that way. You’ve see 30, you’ve seen a million.

So when when of those for sale by owners who have an mls listing and think the best way to sell the property is by having prospective buyers to fill out an intrusive form just to see the property…well you know the rest.

Excerpt from email of said owner (who by the way lives in Florida):

“Thank you for your interest in showing our condo unit to your clients.

In an effort to minimize any inconvenience to our current tenants (whose lease expires on June 30th), we are now taking a very selective approach to the showing and sales process. Prior to scheduling a personal viewing, we are asking all prospective purchasers to complete the attached Prospective Buyer Form as well as provide us with two dates that they would be available for a personal viewing.”

How many buyers think if the owner is making it is this difficult to see… how difficult will it be to close. What is the seller motivation?

It’s like paying to go to a casino. (They actually do charge in Monaco.)

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