Do Not Call. Really.

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A post labor day rant…

All of us have gotten those annoying telemarket calls. We hate them. They are a time waster. …We’ve got caller ID, we have answering machines, we have blocked calls and we’ve lobbied government to create a DO NOT CALL List. We really hate them.

Imagine if you got them at work!!! Some of you probably do. Here’s how mine go…. I am on a list and agents rotate taking calls from potential clients…So a caller calls in on an ad. they get some information and at the same time, I’m trying to understand what they are looking for….that’s when sometimes I get the “oh my agent has sent me those” or “my agent has shown me those”. Hello. You’re calling to get information and you have an agent that sends it to you. (AND it is all automated these days.) Where is the disconnect. Is your agent lousy? Time for a new agent? Are you one of those “maybe there’s some secret property that no one is telling me about” people? I don’t know.

If you are working with an agent you’re first second and last call should be to them. With your call, you’ve wasted your time because you’ve already received the info from your agent, my time, duh, and your agent’s time because they have to continually inform you that you’ve already seen the info. I’m going to start a list. Please sign up for it. It’s named DO NOT CALL.

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