Craigslist Scam

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So we’ve all seen the commercial with the shady looking guy who gets on the bus and tells you that you’ve just won the South African lottery. The underlying message is if you can spot a scam with your own eyes, spot the scam on the internet.

Well an internet scam has come to Hoboken Real Estate. Through a Craigslist posting, the scammer is offering an apartment for rent at 1120 Hudson St.

Red Flag #1: A two bedroom for $1,400. In your dreams.

Red Flag #2. Parking Included. The building has no parking.

Red Flag #3. The Owner wants two month’s rent and only 1/2 month’s deposit.

Red Flag #4. The Owner is in Greece. Not Greece, NY but Greece: where the Parthenon is. Greece: where the Elgin Marbles used to be before England stole them.
Red Flag #5: Money Gram. enough said.

Tenants protect yourselves. Use a local realtor. Pay the fee. We know the scams. If it looks too good to be true, it is.
Landlords: List your property through realtors. Separate yourself from the scammer.

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