Clouseau vs. Gadget

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Certain things should be left untouched. The are dated but they are classic. Do you hear me Steve (I haven’t made a funny movie since The Jerk.) Martin. Do you hear me Jim ( I corrupted the single greatest children’s Christmas cartoon for a few bucks that I could never spend in my lifetime.)Carey?

Buyers: I am talking home inspectors. I recommend two and only two. They may not be Inspector Gadget with the latest technology, fancy websites and cool marketing material. What they do have is an intimate knowledge of the local community, its buildings, the way they were built, the historical problems and the know how to tell when something is a problem and when its not. If you think you are going to out smart your realtor to save a few dollars or to bring in an impartial perspective, you lose. Yes, these guys inspect my homes. This is a home inspection not some guy painting my closet. I only recommend what I use.
Some things are just too important to get wrong. Ask your agent. If they can’t put their name to someone, I will say a prayer that your inspector is the Peter Sellers version.

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