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Brett Favre is going to be thrilled. The meadowlands has about fifty different ways to get there no matter how bad the traffic is there’s always an alternate route. Having spent a week on Cape Cod, I have come to appreciate options. It could take me 45 minutes to get to my favorite pancake place three miles from my house. …forget the ice cream place with the homemade whipped cream and hot fudge sauce. that’s right homemade whipped cream and hot fudge. too bad it was a dream with all the traffic. ugh.

On a local less scrumptious level, buyers should really look at the commuting options when considering a place. “Close To The Path” is a cliche. Consider saving $50k or $300/mo in mortgage and get a place not so close to the PATH. Get a cheap bike for the nice weather. (who cares if it gets stolen once a month, it’s cheap.) Or take the $5 cab. still cheaper than paying the PATH premium.

Fact is unless you are inside of 3rd and Garden you are more than a five minute walk anyway. Far enough that you face freezes in February.
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