Chicken Big

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The media. It should be a four letter word: I’m listening to NPR this morning on the way to work. They’ve got on an editor for the NY Times who has been preaching renting over buying. Turns out Mr. The Sky Is Falling just got assigned to some post in DC and has to move. Is he renting? NO… When the interviewer called him out on his hypocrisy, (after some dead air) it was the fastest two step ever heard. Seems CL (Chicken Little) wants us to do what he says and not what he does. Maybe CL wants to keep the housing market down so he and his cronies can buy up all the properties at a discount. Members of the media profiteering from their own reporting???Shocking, just shocking.

Bottom line: The media wants to sell papers, ads, etc. They don’t want to tell you the truth. The want to over amplify one segment of a large market and convince all of us that a housing meteor is heading for your town. Buy a paper to see how close the meteor is. Think about it. You know Chicken Little. You know The Boy Who Cried Wolf. That’s because the negative media starts preaching to us at a young age. We don’t focus on the boy who didn’t cry wolf but rode his bike or played little league. We never here the story of the one who saw it was just an acorn falling from a tree on to his head. What was his name again??? Ah yes, Chicken Big.

Most of us are Chicken Bigs, buying our home, even if it is small. Hoboken Shoeboxes under 500 sqft are not lasting. Let the media tell us how stupid we are. Cancel my subscription to the NY Times!

Hoboken Condos 2008
Less than 500 Sqft
Active 7
under contract 3
sold in 2008 14
Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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