C’est La Vie

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Hoboken Condos Number of Sales By Month Chart:

The Hoboken Real estate first quarter report will be coming out tomorrow. No real surprises. I do think that what is surprising is the number of condos sold for the first half of April is only 17. If you account for a 45-60 lag time, you would think that the lower interest rates and tax credits might have shaken the buyer tree a bit….

Good news for sellers. Lots of appointments. A big office in town had almost 200 appointments last weekend. Could have been that the excellent weather coaxed a few buyers out of their boroughs. (note the double entendre) I have heard that if a buyer sees his shadow on May 2nd there will be six more weeks of the spring market.

My High school french is rusty but isn’t this movie being billed as A Day Without End?

Thought of the day: 8 times as many millionaires are made in a down market than an up market.

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