Buying In The Dark

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So I get home from work last night about 10pm. And I click on the monster flat screen and troll around the HD offerings wishing that FIOS would come to my building. There on ABC is a show called Dating In The Dark. (Some contrived social experiment that is usually relegated to the backwaters of late night cable…Date My Ex typifies this genre…..well those dog days of summer have opened up a whole in the ABC schedule. How about a rerun of Happy Days?) So the new show is about they put together these singles in the dark (literally they can’t see the other person) and based on conversation and touching see if there is a “Love Connection”. The twist is that after they profess to have made a connection, each person gets to look at the other person, though not at the same time….blah blah blah. The idea being that we are mostly ruled by our judgement of attractiveness based on looks despite the professed deeper meaning of personality.

Buyers are the same way! A wake up call to sellers? Paint, clean, stage. Location is nice, size is nice, price is nice….but if a buyer walks in and doesn’t fall in lust…No second date. And the seller is left waiting on the balcony in agony as the girl leaves with her suitcase through the back door. (watch the show to see what I mean.)

One other bit of advice I gleaned from the TV last night. Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. I watched a show on the whole process since I never paid much attention to it other than the Armstrong one small step for man thing. Here’s the take away: You see the flag and the glory and the aforementioned quote and that is all anyone remembers. These guys were 15 seconds away from running out of gas. 15 Seconds!!! From horrific death, humiliating national failure. Then they busted something that they needed to get back to the space ship. A pen holding in a circuit breaker saved them again from horrific death and humiliating national failure. Yet, this is not what people remember. Buyers: take note. Buying today could seem like a no brainer through the prism of time.

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