Buyers Paradise

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Having recently returned from a real estate training seminar in Boston last week, one thing sticks with me upon reflection. Here it is. The trainer (nations largest) is strongly advocating investing heavily in real estate over the next three years. The course wasn’t an investing course but a seminar focused on growing my real estate practice. So when the over arching plan includes significant opportunity for investing, I am motivated and excited.

On a local level, what does that mean? Well there’s lots of choice in Hoboken these day. If you are looking to upgrade, now is the time. Even the three bedroom market has enough inventory to choose from. If you find yourself living in a one bedroom and could use the extra room, there are 290 options! Go get one.

The tide is out. Own as many boats as you can by the the time the tide comes back in.

Hoboken Condos 2008
Available 523
1 Bed 168
2 bed 290
3 bed 46
Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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