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Renters are not loyal. I had one renter last week that went behind my back to rent a place. Brooke, driving her grandma’s cream colored Cadillac, will now be ashamed everytime she walks past the office…. But on to the good news. When you can help renters, it’s great. I had these guys in today that really needed a nice place on a shoestring budget. They left happy and with four cases of beer that someone gave them while looking for a place to live.
They are now going back to tell all their friends, who the best realtor is.

Rentals are doubly tough because half the information is wrong. Today I went to show a two bedroom apartment on the second floor. Well the two bedroom is on the third floor…Yet the key worked on both units and there are people living in both. A surprised tenant was startled when we entered his apartment which was reminiscent of Spicoli’s van.

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