Bloodshot Eye Of The Beholder

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A client submitted the following to me after our exhaustive search of comparing the advertising with the reality.

Hoboken Real Estate Terminology:
Gallery Kitchen: 2 cabinets, a fridge, and a sink
Window in Bedroom: Living room is an afterthought with no window
1 BR: Glorified Studio
2 BR: Glorified 1 BR
2 BR: A 1 BR with the living room converted to a second bedroom
Cosy: Small and not for claustrophobic buyers
Feels more spacious: <>

Charming: Old
Original Details: Old
Character: Very Old
Old World Charm: Really Old
Tastefully decorated: The 70’s are making a comeback!
Custom Features: weird disproportionate cabinets / sinks / tubs / lights / etc…
Tons of Storage Space: TWO closets!!!
Newly Renovated: Renovated back in 1994
Move in Ready: Needs only 20K in renovation
Needs some work: Needs 100K in renovation which will take 8 months
Low Taxes: $300+ Maintenance fees
Pet Friendly: A dump
Good Location: Noisy
Excellent Location: Very Noisy
Great Value: Expensive
Priced to sell: Only slightly overpriced
Negotiable: Way Overpriced
Great investment: A protected Tenant since 1981
Great Potential: Near the public housing
Up and coming: Right in the middle of the Jackson St.

Save time. Use a realtor and never lament The One That Got Away. (It probably didn’t.)

Hoboken Condos 2007
Current Actives 412
Price changes in December 96
information deemed reliable

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