Biggest Buyer Mistake

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In this Hoboken market, the single biggest buyer mistake is….waiting for other offers. More and more buyers are saying, let me know if another offer comes in. ????
This buyer wants someone else to like it too? I’m not going to ask that girl to the prom until someone else asks her first.
Here’s the thing about waiting.. you get nothing. As if I had to explain this to the guy who sat home alone on prom night and watched a Molly Ringwald movie. (Not Me.) Instead if you come in with a low ball (but not too low) offer, the seller may come back to you at a later date. Let’s see. The condo was listed for $650k the buyer instead of waiting puts and offer in for $590k. It doesn’t go anywhere. Now four weeks later the seller is considering a price reduction to $625K. Instead the sellers contact the original offer first and maybe settle at $610. The buyer who is waiting for the other offer justs sits, sits, sits.

And does not like it one little bit.

Hoboken Condos 2008
Available 504
14 or less 54
30 or less 126
60 or less 216

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