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Another beware of the agency story.

So I am picking up keys this weekend for a showing at 11am Saturday morning. The mom and pop which has expanded to two offices in town, isn’t open at 5 minutes to 11. So I go over to their secondary office. Lo and behold someone is there to help. (Actually I think I just go luck that the business that shares the space was open.)

I ask for the keys and the agent literally opens a draw reaches into what looked like a big bowl and starts pulling out sets of keys until the right one is drawn. I felt like jumping up and yelling BINGO… I’m sure keys never go missing with that tracking and filing system.

In the end, sellers never see the missed appointments, the lost keys etc. Sellers only see Days on the market and wonder why their place isn’t selling… Time for a price reduction.

Note: No marvelous pictures today due to blogger problems….

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