Averages Lie

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Average. Put it in a personal ad. Next. Average. what does that mean? Average days on the market for sold condos in the past six months: 65 days. As a seller you may think after two months, we are still not at the average. And yet….the mean (roughly the 192nd condo of the 383 Hoboken condos sold in the past six months) is 45 days. Mr. Seller if you are over 45 days, the world is moving on. Time for that price reduction.

Averages: Don’t trust them. Need more proof? Check out Wade Boggs the batting champion who couldn’t get a clutch two out basehit. Take your averages and give me Big Papi anyday.

Hoboken Condos Last 6 months
sold 383
avg days on market 65
Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed

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