At The Worlds End And Debtors Prison

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Watching yesterday’s meltdown reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean. In the third movie, when Jack and the dead Will Turner are running ships on both sides of the big British War Ship. The British Captain stands there as his lieutenants ask for orders. His shipped ripped apart when all he needs to do is order his cannons to fire. How simple was that? It’s like choking a six inch putt.

Yet here is congress voting down the bailout. 170 of them. 170 of them. Who votes for these people? No one likes to bailout greedy corporate chieftains. Hell we are all jealous that we can’t be them. I have a solution….

Debtors prison. Bam. the end of the foreclosure crisis. It’s too easy for people to cry poverty and walk away leaving me, you and the government to hold the bag. Let’s lock these people up. Heck we could even use some of these already foreclosed homes as jails. Let’s make homeowners and their mortgage reps live in the same room. Now if you’re a homeowner who borrowed way more than you knew you could afford, you’ll have a choice… take in borders to help pay off the mortgage or take in your lender.

I think I’ll run for office…..

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