Armstronging It.

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There are a lot of bikers in Hoboken. Not the Harley kind, but the Tour De France kind or the I don’t want to walk and I don’t want to pay for a cab to the PATH kind. There’s even a new bike advocacy group at The group has ambitious goals of making Hoboken more bike friendly. Now I wouldn’t hold my breath for bike lanes anytime soon, but it can’t hurt trying.

Sellers. This bike riding segment can be marketed to. Does your building have bike storage? Hooks in the garage for storing a bike? Room in front of your parking space for a bike? If your on 5th and Monroe, throw in a bike to sweeten the deal.

Buyers: Let your agent know that bike accessibility is important. There are a lot of bike friendly buildings in town.

Who knows Hoboken could be the New Amsterdam. Heck some people already think were part of the old New Amsterdam.
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