Almost Hoboken

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The Right Side Of The Tracks

There’s an area on the right side of the tracks I like to call Almost Hoboken or A-Ho for short. You’ve probably seen the buildings. Zephyr Lofts and 700 Grove St are the flagship properties. For all purposes this is Hoboken. The poor residents feel like they’re part of the Hoboken community but have to explain A-Ho is really Jersey City. Probably like Seinfeld’s Elaine in the episode where she has a new (646) phone number but no one believes it’s a Manhattan number. Hoboken should annex this little parcel of land.

Buyers: Great views can be had in the A-Ho section. But you had better like trains.

Are we there yet?….Almost.

Hoboken Condos 2007
Almost Hoboken Condos available 27
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