Advice You Just Can’t Take

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When purchasing or selling a home, you’ll need to rely on a number of professionals. Realtors, Home inspectors, mortgage brokers, lawyers etc. Use each for their core expertise….. As a realtor, I do not give legal advice. I even make you sign a paper saying that I do not give legal advice. So if you want legal advice speak to a lawyer.

If you want advice on home inspection issues, ask a home inspector. If you want advice on what it all means in terms of your transaction ask a realtor. The problem comes when one professional
encroaches into an area that is not there expertise. Quite often it is the attorney, since they have a law degree and I only have an MBA, who thinks they know everything. Sometimes they make claims to their clients under the guise of “protecting them”. Really the lawyers haven’t checked with the other professionals on your team to figure out the best way to effectuate the desired outcome. So buyers and sellers get scared and listen to the lawyer. Don’t be one of these people. As a buyer or seller, you are the quarterback. Get you team in a huddle and call the play on first down and not when it’s fourth and long.

If a deal goes bad over a correctable item, its a shame. Be more proactive. Hound everyone.

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