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There’s the old saying that rich people got rich because they don’t give it away. Thus the segue into today’s story of the tenant living in a condo where I recently held an open house. Here is a list of the following items and locations the tenant left out.

1) Ipod on table 8 inches from the door.
2) Ipod nano on table 9 inches from the door. For my older readers, a nano is approximately the same dimensions as an After Eight mint (not the box but a single mint.)
3) Check book on coffee table 4 feet from the door.
4) Digital camera on coffee table 4 feet from the door.
5) Expensive watch on top of dresser in the bedroom.
6) Mac laptop on top of bed.

And yes, this is a real list, not embellished. The condo was relatively compact, but what would it take for any of these items to be pocketed in a millisecond? If your a tenant or owner having an open house, pretend that strangers are coming through your home and are looking for things to steal. No not your 50 inch plasma, but something small and expensive.

For the person above, it might be easier to leave cash the next time…. Every penny a prisoner.
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