A Slow Death

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I preface the following by saying I don’t expect any of my readers slogging through the end of February in the brutal cold to take pity on me. But…Waiting for nine hours in Phoenix yesterday to catch a flight to Maui reminds me of the attorney review process; where deals go to die.

Theoretically the process should take three business day or less. During which time either party can cancel no questions asked. If you are a buyer or seller and you’re stuck in review for weeks and the other side isn’t getting back to you or saying they need a few more days, think long and hard about whether this deal is likely to come off. I was stuck with a cancelled flight (3 hours), maintenance delays (3 hours), bringing in an new plane (2 hours), the plane was coming from Mexico and had additional clearances (1 hour). Short of going to a hotel and starting over in the morning I was stuck. In reveiw, you are never stuck and should be pursuing several avenues at once.

In the end, if you end up with what you want, you have a story to tell at the next cocktail party. Aloha.

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