A Search Nightmare

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At first blush you think. “that can’t be right. $700k for a one bedroom. This is Hoboken, not New York City.” You are correct my good friend. It’s really a one bed with another bedroom that’s not a bedroom. probably because it doesn’t have a window. Here in lies the rub. How do you find these “invisible” bedrooms? Even the MLS doesn’t make it easy. A good agent will ask you if you will consider the one plus other. But online your likely to miss it.

A good tip is to plug in a very high price for a one bedroom and see what shakes out. This also works on two bedrooms with the invisible third.

Just be sure the invisible room doesn’t come with an invisible occupant.

Hoboken Condo 1 bedroom $700K+
7 sold in 2007
5 available

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