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Taking a closer look at the condos that went under contract in January…

Available 495. Under Contact 38.

So if you’re lucky enough to be in the 7.1% of condos under contract. Here is what you’ve faced.

DOM 90 Days or less…that’s three months of showings…16 Condos!!! Of these 16 Condos, half had price reductions before they went to contract.

What this means to sellers…Don’t pack the moving truck just yet. Sellers will overprice, then reduce and still won’t hit the buying market but 7% of the time, and only 3.1% in the first three months. Your chances of selling your home in the first 90 days with no price reduction….1.5%.

Buyers: Follow the properties you want. make preemptive bids. Get the property you want before it becomes attractive to someone else.

Hoboken Real Estate Condos
Available 495
1 BR 154
2BR 276
3 + BR 54

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