7 days, schmeven days. no keys.

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I was going to pontificate about gas prices and home prices today, but that can wait until tomorrow. Instead I will rant about how dumbfounded I am that there are some big time real estate agencies that are run so poorly that they should be closed down for incompetence.

Story of the day. Last weekend on June 1st I showed some property in downtown JC later in the day. I dutifully picked up keys at two of the biggest agencies there, and then showed the property. Since I finished up after the offices closed, I slipped the keys through the respective mail slots. All systems normal. This Saturday I get a call from one of the agencies asking me if I returned the keys! Yesterday I get a call from the other agency asking the same thing!
Sellers: Does this make you happy? Paying an oversized check type commission to an agency that doesn’t track the keys to make sure they’ve been returned in a timely manner. Paying an oversized check type commission to an agency that is not sure where the keys are for a week. Writing that oversized check type commission to an agency that can’t show your property because they don’t know where the keys are and by the time they find them the buyer has moved on. There are over 400 condos available in downtown JC. If there are no keys for one condo, buyers will move on.

I preach it here often: sellers check out the back office functions of your realtor before you commit. It doesn’t matter how well known the name on the front door is, the back office procedures could be preventing your place from being seen by buyers.

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