2nd Quarter Year to Year

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Looking at the numbers from as compared to a year ago. Not too bad for both buyers and sellers. Sucks for anyone one who has to buy gas though.

Buyers are getting more choices. Please I’m begging buyers everywhere to understand that while there are lots of choices, the bargains are always in the least attractive units. When a department store has a sign: upto 90% off. The 90% off items are always a size xxxxL lavender suede tank top with “smoke ’em if you got ’em” scrawled across it in pink rhinestones.

Sellers: The good news is if you price it to the market, it will sell in about six weeks. Not bad. You can still get on with your life, upgrade to a bigger place maybe. Now with the woes we’ve been seeing in the economy over the past year, the prices are not coming down. Hoboken is weathering the storm…just in time for hurricane season.

Florida: Bad housing market. Bad weather. You’d think old people would know better.

Hoboken Condos 2008
The 2nd Quarter vs. 2007
Number Sold down 27%
Avg sale price of sold Flat (0.08%)
Median Days On Market plus 2 days

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