Cost vs. Price

Buyers are always focused on Price. What's the price? How much can I negotiate? The market is going to fall another 2 %, 5%, 7%, 10%..... On and on and on.....No one wants to over pay.Here is the truth. Focus on the cost to own. It's like when you buy a car. You focus on repair costs, mpg, etc. Not sticker price alone.IF PRICES FALL 10% and … [Read more...]

Q3 Hoboken Real Estate Report

Sign up for the whole 15 page color report at three news items from the Quarter: 1) One bedrooms are selling.2) Two bedrooms are sitting much longer.3) The market is leveling off.Tip: I like to save money as much as the next guy. Call me Mr. Sweat equity. But a man has got to know his limitations...If you find … [Read more...]

Updated Hoboken Real Estate Quarterly Report

Hoboken Real Estate MarketSummary Report Q3, 2009UPDATED 9/1/2009The first two months of the Third Quarter in 2009 has continued to present both opportunity and reality for Hoboken Condo buyers and sellers. In this constantly changing real estate landscape, realtors are playing a critical role in serving both buyers and sellers to get properties … [Read more...]

Wiggle Your Nose.

Part of the really great thing about being a realtor is the anthropological studies that can be done on the microcosm called RENTERS. Recently, I had a hilarious look into the microscope. I was showing a client condos for sale. Most were occupied by owners and kept clean. (even that one at the sky club that smelled like baked on Marlboros)Then we … [Read more...]

Little Fish. Big Fish.

When the chairman of the Senate's Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee is getting sweetheat deals from Countrywide, is there any wonder that we have a housing crisis? Do you think Dodd's mortgage was done at The Malibu Diner?....Maybe … [Read more...]

Mayor Today. Gone Tomorrow.

The word from Old Hoboken....Camarrano Lives. Only time will tell. In the chance that things don't go his way...It will be tough to sell that brownstone. According to the second quarter real estate report, They just aren't selling.A good article on the market. … [Read more...]

The Q2 Report Is Here.

Goto, click on the picture of the report and I'll send you the complete 14 page report. Yes. technical limitations require a few extra steps. Do you want the report or not?Hoboken Real EstateQ2, 2009Condos Sold 128Condos Under Contract 200Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed … [Read more...]

Ask Me No Questions, I’ll Tell You No Lies

Got this from Team Cammarano...Join us for FAMILY DAY on Fourth Street, between Bloomfield and Garden Streetsbetween 3-6pm. Stop by headquarters, get a T-Shirt and enjoy Family Day fun at beautiful Church Square Park. It’s an opportunity to have your family meet Peter Cammarano’s family and discuss life in Hoboken. This is a one-of-a-kind event; … [Read more...]

Where’s My Satisfaction

...........When I'm ridin' round the worldAnd I'm doin' this and I'm signing that And I'm tryin' to make some girl Who tells me baby better come back later next week..............MAYBE NEXT WEEK. That's the response by one of those phony, I think I'll sell the place myself by putting it on the MLS but nothing else, owners told me about making an … [Read more...]

Tax Credit…If You Can Get It.

Everyone wants to know about the Homebuyer tax credit. Thanks, but how about raising those income limits. If you fit under those limits, what can you get in Hoboken?.....God luck with that. But for those of you who need to know.....Webinar Replay Answers Common Tax Credit QuestionsHome buyers: Do you have questions about the federal $8,000 … [Read more...]