The new and improved Homebuyer Credit

Good things come to those who wait. ... A new and improved tax credit.The two big improvements that will have an impact on Hoboken Real Estate buyers....1) Income limits are raised to $125k for an individual and $225k for married. So for you guys out there on the fence...I know one agent who has been putting it off a long time.... now is the … [Read more...]

The New Mayor. A Double Edged Sword.

Congratulations to new mayor Dawn Zimmer. Wondering if property owners voted for her? On one hand more parks and bike lanes mean less development. This means growth of supply of homes is restricted. Fewer new homes means buyers have to buy existing homes... Prices should go up. Now how to pay for those parks? Higher taxes. (Not saying the new mayor … [Read more...]

Q3 Hoboken Real Estate Report

Sign up for the whole 15 page color report at three news items from the Quarter: 1) One bedrooms are selling.2) Two bedrooms are sitting much longer.3) The market is leveling off.Tip: I like to save money as much as the next guy. Call me Mr. Sweat equity. But a man has got to know his limitations...If you find … [Read more...]

October numbers

The October numbers indicate a steady market. And since the sold lag about 60 days behind reality this is true. There are 108 condos under contract but not closed since August 1, 2009. This leads me to believe the market will continue to show a steady sales pace for the next few months. Hoboken Real Estate CondosOctober Numbers67 SoldSold Price/ask … [Read more...]

Top 10 Seller Showing Mistakes.

It's hard to believe that some sellers act like they don't want to sell. They hurt themselves over smallest things. And they wonder why in a market where buyers have an abundance of choice, their property does not sell. Top 10 Seller Showing Mistakes10) Take your pet. Whether Fido is a good dog or not. Take him with you. Buyer's get distracted. … [Read more...]

Updated Hoboken Real Estate Quarterly Report

Hoboken Real Estate MarketSummary Report Q3, 2009UPDATED 9/1/2009The first two months of the Third Quarter in 2009 has continued to present both opportunity and reality for Hoboken Condo buyers and sellers. In this constantly changing real estate landscape, realtors are playing a critical role in serving both buyers and sellers to get properties … [Read more...]

Wiggle Your Nose.

Part of the really great thing about being a realtor is the anthropological studies that can be done on the microcosm called RENTERS. Recently, I had a hilarious look into the microscope. I was showing a client condos for sale. Most were occupied by owners and kept clean. (even that one at the sky club that smelled like baked on Marlboros)Then we … [Read more...]

Mayor Today. Gone Tomorrow.

The word from Old Hoboken....Camarrano Lives. Only time will tell. In the chance that things don't go his way...It will be tough to sell that brownstone. According to the second quarter real estate report, They just aren't selling.A good article on the market. … [Read more...]

The Q2 Report Is Here.

Goto, click on the picture of the report and I'll send you the complete 14 page report. Yes. technical limitations require a few extra steps. Do you want the report or not?Hoboken Real EstateQ2, 2009Condos Sold 128Condos Under Contract 200Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed … [Read more...]

My PAC Dollars At Work…

Press Release from New Jersey Association Of RealtorsNJAR® Protects Property Tax Deduction for MostYesterday, the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee and Assembly Budget Committee voted to approve the $29 billion fiscal year (FY) 2010 New Jersey budget. The latest spending plan, which is set for a final vote by the Legislature on June 25, … [Read more...]