Hidden Buyer Fees: Thanks Uncle Sam

Hidden Buyer Fees: Thanks Uncle Sam Better get that Hoboken Condo closed fast.  Yes. that goes for the Jersey City condo buyers too.  Obama and the sycophant politicians in Washington can always agree on one thing.  Save their own bacon while kicking the taxpayers in the shorts.   Here's a great article about how they are doing it this … [Read more...]

Hoboken Mortgage Rates: How Low Can you Go!

Time to refinance that Hoboken condo.  I can't believe the rates aren't driving the real estate market. From the Inside Hoboken Real Estate Mortgage Guy... REVISED September 2nd,, 2011---5:00 PM ET Lock Period = 30 Days CONVENTIONAL CONFORMING LOANS  (loans less than or equal to $417,000)    30 YEAR … [Read more...]

Hoboken Condos | Mortgage Rates

Hoboken Condos latest mortgage rates....REVISED May 13th, 2011---- 3:00 PM ETLock Period = 30 DaysCONVENTIONAL CONFORMING LOANS (loans less than or equal to $417,000) 30 YEAR FIXED ---------------------------- 4.750%/ 4.868 APR30 YEAR FIXED INTEREST ONLY--- 5.125%/ 5.361% APR15 YEAR FIXED----------------------------- 3.750%/ 3.821% APR5 / 1 … [Read more...]

Mortgage Rates| Hoboken

From The IHR Rate guy... See him on Fox Business News!!!Can Housing Market Bounce Back?REVISED December 15th,, 2009---- 12:30 PM ETLock Period = 45 Days CONVENTIONAL CONFORMING LOANS (loans less than or equal to $417,000) 30 YEAR FIXED ---------------------------- 4.875%/ 4.906% APR 30 YEAR FIXED INTEREST ONLY--- 5.250%/ 5.282% APR 15 … [Read more...]

Hoboken Mortgage Rates

Ok all of you "what's today's rate?" fans.. here it is the Hoboken mortgage rates from Inside Hoboken Real Estate's special mortgage rate getter. www.mundymortgages.comREVISED November 24th, 2009---- 4:00 PM ETLock Period = 45 DaysCONVENTIONAL CONFORMING LOANS (loans less than or equal to $417,000)30 YEAR FIXED ---------------------------- 4.875%, … [Read more...]

Wiggle Your Nose.

Part of the really great thing about being a realtor is the anthropological studies that can be done on the microcosm called RENTERS. Recently, I had a hilarious look into the microscope. I was showing a client condos for sale. Most were occupied by owners and kept clean. (even that one at the sky club that smelled like baked on Marlboros)Then we … [Read more...]

Little Fish. Big Fish.

When the chairman of the Senate's Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee is getting sweetheat deals from Countrywide, is there any wonder that we have a housing crisis?http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/jul/29/senators-see-countrywide-discounts-as-common-court/?page=2 Do you think Dodd's mortgage was done at The Malibu Diner?....Maybe … [Read more...]

The Q2 Report Is Here.

Goto http://www.hobokenhomefinder.com/, click on the picture of the report and I'll send you the complete 14 page report. Yes. technical limitations require a few extra steps. Do you want the report or not?Hoboken Real EstateQ2, 2009Condos Sold 128Condos Under Contract 200Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed … [Read more...]

Ask Me No Questions, I’ll Tell You No Lies

Got this from Team Cammarano...Join us for FAMILY DAY on Fourth Street, between Bloomfield and Garden Streetsbetween 3-6pm. Stop by headquarters, get a T-Shirt and enjoy Family Day fun at beautiful Church Square Park. It’s an opportunity to have your family meet Peter Cammarano’s family and discuss life in Hoboken. This is a one-of-a-kind event; … [Read more...]

Parking Meter Problems

Write this number down. Get a pen....Ready. 201-653-1919. It's the Hoboken Parking Authority. A meter maid gave it to me. I'll call her Rita. I was parking today and like almost always the meter ate some of my quarters. how frustrating. You have only 8 quarters. You put them in and only 5 register. You're stuck! Well Rita was passing by at the time … [Read more...]