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Buyer’s Guide

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2014 Year In Review

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2014 Sales

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Under 130

Like a flyweight. Hoboken condos hit 127 available today. Will it be under 100 by the end of the year? My November Hoboken Real Estate Report is now available. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to Hoboken’s Oreo

A big shout out to The Oreo. first produced here in Hoboken 100 Years ago. Where would they put that plant today? Though it seems only natural that you had cookies with your Maxwell Place and Hudson Tea Buildings. Active condos:225 … [Read more...]

Hoboken Housing Freedom

IN HOBOKEN, July 4, 2011 Tourists decend upon the waterfront like Pennsyltuckians looking for a free cupcake at Carlos. Where is the Hoboken Parking Authority when you need them? Probably too busy resting up to give Hobokenites warnings for legally parking at a meter for more than two hours. So today I am going to keep it brief. I am going to … [Read more...]

This Week in Hoboken Real Estate Feb 8th-15th

This Week In Hoboken Real Estate: Feb 8-15You Don't Bring Me Flowers......just 2010 retreads. The number of condos for sale is climbing. A lot of 2010 retreads in there though. The 2010 Hoboken Real Estate Report Is Now Available!8 Contracts in 7 days!. 21 Price changes. 20 solds.... total available up to 369. Feb 8-15 Hoboken Real Estate Report … [Read more...]

Maxwell Place Sales Event and Updates

Maxwell Place Sales Event and UpdatesGot this email from Toll Brothers, builder of the lovely Maxwell Place in Hoboken on the shores of the mighty Hudson.... When you visit a Toll Brothers community during our National Fall Sales Event, you'll see why NOW is a fantastic time to buy your Toll Brothers dream home. We're … [Read more...]

Flood Insurance Now Available

Flood Insurance Now Available!!!Proof Obama reads my blog. (Sorry Mr. Presidient about that crack about you bankrupting the country, and the one about being Pelosi's lap dog, and the one about those pointy ears and....) Yes after exposing Hoboken to the cold harsh reality only yesterday, you can now get flood insurance again...until September. If … [Read more...]