The New Mayor. A Double Edged Sword.

Congratulations to new mayor Dawn Zimmer. Wondering if property owners voted for her? On one hand more parks and bike lanes mean less development. This means growth of supply of homes is restricted. Fewer new homes means buyers have to buy existing homes... Prices should go up. Now how to pay for those parks? Higher taxes. (Not saying the new mayor … [Read more...]

Cost vs. Price

Buyers are always focused on Price. What's the price? How much can I negotiate? The market is going to fall another 2 %, 5%, 7%, 10%..... On and on and on.....No one wants to over pay.Here is the truth. Focus on the cost to own. It's like when you buy a car. You focus on repair costs, mpg, etc. Not sticker price alone.IF PRICES FALL 10% and … [Read more...]

Top 10 Seller Showing Mistakes.

It's hard to believe that some sellers act like they don't want to sell. They hurt themselves over smallest things. And they wonder why in a market where buyers have an abundance of choice, their property does not sell. Top 10 Seller Showing Mistakes10) Take your pet. Whether Fido is a good dog or not. Take him with you. Buyer's get distracted. … [Read more...]

Supersize Me

There are 69 three bedrooms available in Hoboken. Wow. Can you believe it. They are not moving. 25 of the under $700k and that's just the ask not the friends and family price. I proclaimed in the quarterly report......People are going to be kicking themselves for missing this opportunity. Hoboken Real Estate Condos Under contract in August7 2br4 … [Read more...]

Protest? Yes, Another Protest.

Seems that Hoboken Revolt is at it again. This time with a city hall protest calling for our mayor to resign. am not for it or against it. Judging from the online response it seems like it could be a large crowd. Then again, there were a lot of people who screamed … [Read more...]

Mayor Today. Gone Tomorrow.

The word from Old Hoboken....Camarrano Lives. Only time will tell. In the chance that things don't go his way...It will be tough to sell that brownstone. According to the second quarter real estate report, They just aren't selling.A good article on the market. … [Read more...]

My PAC Dollars At Work…

Press Release from New Jersey Association Of RealtorsNJAR® Protects Property Tax Deduction for MostYesterday, the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee and Assembly Budget Committee voted to approve the $29 billion fiscal year (FY) 2010 New Jersey budget. The latest spending plan, which is set for a final vote by the Legislature on June 25, … [Read more...]

Mansion Tax

If you're fortunate enough to purchase a home over a million dollars in NJ you also get to pay a Mansion Tax of 1% of the purchase price. We all know that a million dollars will definitely get you a Mansion in Hoboken. The 1200sq foot condo over at 1125 Maxwell Lane conjures up remnants of the guilded age in mind. Think I'm going to check to tax … [Read more...]

Parking Meter Problems

Write this number down. Get a pen....Ready. 201-653-1919. It's the Hoboken Parking Authority. A meter maid gave it to me. I'll call her Rita. I was parking today and like almost always the meter ate some of my quarters. how frustrating. You have only 8 quarters. You put them in and only 5 register. You're stuck! Well Rita was passing by at the time … [Read more...]

Tax Credit…If You Can Get It.

Everyone wants to know about the Homebuyer tax credit. Thanks, but how about raising those income limits. If you fit under those limits, what can you get in Hoboken?.....God luck with that. But for those of you who need to know.....Webinar Replay Answers Common Tax Credit QuestionsHome buyers: Do you have questions about the federal $8,000 … [Read more...]